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If you do not hear from us in a timely manner. Please send us a email at Info@allrevapparel.com We want to make sure that we get you taken care of.
All Rev Apparel
All Rev Apparel is feeling thankful.
With the 20 year anniversary of September 11th.

Any jersey that is in our patriotic section will be 20% off until August 31st. If you would like to put 2 jerseys together the front of 1 and the back of another. That will not be a problem. I have added a example of one we did similar to that. Ball Logo and size fees will apply.

If you want to get a custom design please email us at info@allrevapparel.com and we will be happy to help create a special jersey for you.

If the jersey is paid in full and approved by August 20th we will make sure they are delivered by September 10, 2021.
All Rev Apparel
All Rev Apparel
Don't forget you have till Saturday to get in on this promotion.

Attention Team Captains.

We are offering a 20% discount on all jerseys and accessories for your upcoming fall leagues. We want you to start out the new fall season looking good and refreshed. With this promotion you will earn a free entry into a drawing that will be held on Facebook live on our page on October 1st. If you are member of multiple teams and purchase jerseys and accessories during this promotion you will get 1 entry per promotion purchase.

So if your on 4 teams and they all do this promotion you will get 4 entries. A team consists of the same design for the whole team with 3 members or more.

On the drawing we are going to be giving a full team a new set of custom design jerseys (up to 5 ). This will be ready for your State or Nationals tournaments or can even be redeemed for the following season.

Please send us a email at info@allrevapparel.com if you have a custom design or have any questions.

Please visit our website
All Rev Apparel
All Rev Apparel
The NJ Surge ordered new baseball jerseys from us recently. They were some good looking jerseys.

New Jersey Surge wearing their All Rev Apparel jerseys at the Youth Nationals in South Carolina over July 4th weekend. They went 4-2-1 on the weekend.

Congratulations on your success and thank you for your support.
All Rev Apparel
All Rev Apparel
We have several jerseys from last year's championship bowl and show up sporting the jerseys they won. What a great way to get a jersey.
All Rev Apparel
All Rev Apparel is feeling thankful.
We would like to Congratulate a team that was named All Rev Apparel.

It was 48 games of quality and then went into match play where if you lost twice you where out.

Championship match was All Rev Apparel vs. Corn Dogs. Winner gets $2600.00 and the trophies. Thank you New Basin Distillery was the sponsor of the tournament. Congratulations to All Rev Apparel Staffer Jim Lantz and fellow teammates.
All Rev Apparel
All Rev Apparel
We would like to wish best of luck to all the Junior Gold competitors.

We have several jerseys being sported out there.

If you have any pictures that you would like to share please send them over.

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